Monday, December 29, 2008

Latest addition: CZ P-01

A few months ago I decided to purchase a new pistol to replace my Taurus PT-111 Pro. I encountered some problems with the PT-111 so I wanted a more reliable pistol from a company I could trust. I did a lot of research and eventually purchased a CZ P-01 in mid October.

I planned a trip to the range shortly after purchasing it. The first magazine was an absolute pleasure to fire. The recoil was light and the P-01 fit perfectly in my hand. I fired approximately three rounds from the second magazine and experienced a failure to feed (FTF). I thought it was a fluke so I cleared the chamber and continued with the magazine. A few rounds later I received another FTF. I suspected a problem with the magazine so tucked it into my range bag and fired from the original magazine. Sadly the original magazine was also experiencing FTFs at an alarming rate.

I read numerous articles which stated the P-01 handled a variety of ammunition, including the Remington rounds I was using, extremely well. I tried my best to find articles of others experiencing the same or similar problems; however, I could only find praise for this pistol. These problems were a surprise to me, my local gun store, and even CZ's gunsmith. The CZ gunsmith was extremely helpful, created a warranty repair case, and ensured me that the problem would be resolved.

I shipped my pistol and expected it to be several weeks until I saw it again. To my surprise CZ received, repaired, and returned my firearm in approximately a week and a half. I suspect this is faster than average since their website even states it can take up to six weeks for a warranty repair. The repair notes stated that they polished the ramp, re-throated the chamber, and fired four magazines without a problem. I am unclear on what exactly re-throating the chamber is; however, these techniques appear to have resolved all of the problems. I fired an additional sixty rounds without a single FTF or hint of malfunction.

I feared that my purchase was unwise; however, after CZ's prompt response I am willing to accept that I may have received one of the very few firearms with a manufacturing flaw. I plan to return to the range soon to fire additional rounds. The Defensive Carry Forums have an extremely thorough and well written range review / report on the P-01 for those seeking additional insight.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this pistol and would suggest it to others. I did notice that the default guide rod is plastic and I plan on replacing it with a stainless steel guide rod from Steve Bedair. There is also some slight wear on the slide next to the ejection port, it seems to have worn off part of the finish but is purely cosmetic.

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