Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Front yard clean up

Last weekend Jenna and I decided to improve the appearance of our front yard. After three days of work, and a lot of help from my parents, our front yard is looking better than ever.


Our front yard has two large flower beds which span the front of the house. They were filled with overgrown bushes, shrubs, and small trees which completely obscured the house. Jenna and I wanted to start over and achieve a clean look.

Using my Dad's SUV we ripped each bush from the ground. Once removed we cleared the area of bark and tried to plant flowers. After a futile attempt at shoveling the compacted Georgia clay I rented a tiller. The little machine made quick work of the terrible soil and we were ready to plant flowers.


We originally anticipated one to two days of work to complete the project; however, weather kept interrupting our work. The right side still needs flowers but we have decided to take a break for a few days.

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