Monday, April 4, 2011

4G LTE Toggle?

I really wish there was a simple 4G LTE toggle widget for the Thunderbolt. There are a couple of apps in the Market which open the testing menu; however, it should be easier.

So, why isn't there one? Looks like there is not a predefined network connection type in the API:

Normally I'd expect to see a ConnectivityManager.TYPE_LTE but that type doesn't exist yet. The signature for setNetworkPreference is int, so I may be be able to call getNetworkPreference to determine the LTE integer value, store it in a constant, and then reference it later. If the signature is really the enum, I may be out of luck.

Maybe I'll try this when I get home - if I have time. Maybe someone else has already tried it...


  1. Like I said... there's one for the EVO.

    ...very strange.

    I'm sure you know somebody with the EVO, perhaps you can ascertain the correct coding by analyzing theirs?

  2. I doubt that would work, ConnectivityManager has a type defined for WIMAX. Plus there are several in the market for the evo and plenty of comments saying it doesn't work on the Thunderbolt.