Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chrome OS and Passwords

I have been using the CR-48 / Chrome OS for the past few weeks. I really enjoy using the OS but I don't think it could replace my Macbook Air (yet). I agree that the CR-48 is incredibly underpowered and has a terrible trackpad but this is "beta" hardware. I am excited to see how the hardware from Samsung and Acer compare.

My biggest annoyance? ChromeOS breaks my security routine. I currently use Keepass (with Dropbox) to create and store passwords. I trust Google... but I am not comfortable storing my passwords using Chrome sync. Yes, I am storing my password file on another cloud service (which is known to be unencrypted) but I feel safer knowing that my password file is encrypted under my parameters.

I also care about the accessibility of my passwords. The Dropbox + Keepass solution provides access everywhere (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS). What happens when I cannot use Chrome? I often use other browsers for mobile, cross-browser testing, and accessing different Google accounts. What do you do when you cannot use Chrome that is logged in with your personal account? A web interface would improve accessibility but be an obvious target for attacks, just like LastPass.

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