Monday, November 24, 2008

New home.

I have written numerous small articles and personal posts at over the past year. Jenna originally registered that domain for her use; however, I eventually hijacked it since it sat dormant for what I considered too long. The domain never really seemed to fit for my personal use and I was yearning for a more personalized space.

A few weeks ago I decided to consolidate my online presence - I had a collection of user names including schrierc, chrisix, chris.schrier and many others which was too cluttered in my mind. I forced myself to rename and move all of my utilized web accounts into a single username with great success. I lost a few twitter followers and will undoubtedly loose some RSS subscribers but I feel that the change will be worth the potential loss.

A part of this effort is moving away from penguinmeetpython to This website will be more of an experimental playground for me. Since I was using DreamHost for penguinmeetpython I felt confined into a painfully limited box. Dknowles suggested that I investigate SliceHost a few weeks back and upon investigating their service I was excited to try them. I decided to wait for my DreamHost account to expire so I could utilize the service I had already paid for. Since my DreamHost account expires in December I decided today was finally the time to create my SliceHost account and transition to my new home.


  1. I agree - it's great to start fresh! I liked doing it so much that my friends used to joke that I had a new domain name and user name every year. Are you using the 256 slice? You'll have to let me know how you like Slicehost, as my contract with Textdrive/Joyent expires at the end of January :)

  2. I had Slicehost for about a year and I think their service is pretty good. Toward the end though disk performance went down hill and I decided to move to Linode. I prefer Linode over Slicehost for a couple reasons. Performance is better, running a couple benchmarks showed the disks to be significantly faster. The other benefit is that compared to Slicehost the configurations are a little cheaper. I have two Linode 720s and I pay the same price I paid for a 512 slice. The DNS manager is better, and I feel their backend is more mature.