Saturday, November 29, 2008

Visiting Oregon: Current plans

Portland, OR

I am leaving for Oregon this Friday and as part of my preparation I have been researching places to visit, photograph, and eat at during my stay. The majority of my time will be spent working but I scheduled the trip so I will have three days to explore and enjoy the area.

I will be staying near The Dalles during the week and plan to take day trips to visit the places that have caught my attention. The majority of my points of interest are near Portland or an hour plus drive from where I'm staying. I would really like to find additional activities near The Dalles but I need to research and find the best local restaurants since I will be eating out every night.

I have received a few suggestions from co-workers that live in the area as well as those that have previously visited. I'm sure I will go out to dinner with co-workers at least once since it's tradition for the visitor to purchase the meal. I think I have a few good places to visit so far:


  • Voodoo Doughnut - I first learned about this doughnut shop from Anthony Bourdain's show "No Reservations." Each menu item has a great name and they even have a doughnut with bacon on it.
  • Nora's Fish House - This was suggested by Simon and Gordon. A quick glance at their menu confirms their suggestion.
  • Apizza Scholls - Also featured on No Reservations. Famed as the best place for pizza in Oregon which yelp seems to confirm.
  • Baan-Thai - I was hoping to find some good Thai while traveling and this place was suggested by Gordon.
  • Brazil Grill - I eat meat. This is Portland's best churrascaria so it seems like a great choice.
  • Burgerville - A local chain which seems to be popular online. May be a good choice for a quick lunch or dinner.

Events / Attractions


  • Portland Japanese Garden - Wonderful for photography. It is open during winter but the weather may hinder photography.
  • Silver Falls State Park - A large park containing ten waterfalls and many walking trails. Should be great for photography.
  • Multnomah Falls - Largest waterfall in Oregon and second largest year round waterfall in the US.
  • Painted Hills State Park - Beautiful scenery for photography but may be too far due to 3 hour drive.
Please comment with any suggestions you may have or if you're interested in meeting up during my trip. I'd really like to know the best restaurants near The Dalles but I am willing to drive a little ways for good food and entertainment.

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